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Who needs a holiday?



A penny saved is a penny saved

haiku - i saved this penny on a rainy day - he smiled and went on his way

Prepositions are lifesavers

Wow. There really are no two fingerprints exactly alike.

haiku - we're the very same! - not quite. I like steak but you - prefer fried chicken

When all our Christmases came at once…

haiku - He has come! The one! - O brave new world that has such - a person in it! - Miranda - Shakespeare - The Tempest - O brave new world that has such people in it - Christmas - Jesus

Why it pays to believe in mothers

christmas haiku - santa claus is coming to town - I've made the lists and - checked them twice bought presents for - both naughty and nice -

The Glorious Revolution of Today – part four

the next one begins early tomorrow at the golden light of dawn - haiku - calendar - glory - the glorious revolution of today

The Glorious Revolution of Today – part three

And if today is too much and yet not enough wait. steady yourself - haiku - glorious revolution of today - occupy today